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Marketing in the Face of a Pandemic: 4 COVID-19 Marketing Strategies

The COVID-19 pandemic upended normal practices, including practices by countless brands and businesses. As entire industry verticals all but shut down, many companies found themselves at a loss as to how to respond. If you count your own company among the numbers, you most likely need to revamp your marketing strategies.

Fortunately, modern media technologies have already laid down the necessary infrastructure for businesses to promote themselves and find ways to thrive, even in uncertain times.

Here are four strategies to consider for your new and improved marketing plan.

Strategy 1: Make an Impact in the Virtual Event World

Now that social distancing has become a key factor in limiting the spread of the coronavirus, computer monitors and smartphone screens have largely replaced conference rooms and restaurants as meeting places. Zoom and other online platforms have made videoconferencing simpler and more accessible than ever before.

The rapid and widespread adoption of cloud videoconferencing technology has prompted many companies to create a variety of virtual events above and beyond internal meetings. Webinars, networking happy hours, and other kinds of special programming provide an opportunity to stay highly visible and create real-time Internet buzz.

Webinars, in particular, give you a chance to display your position as a thought leader in your industry. When your key executives host informational programs, they not only give their audiences the benefit of their insight; they also remind your clientele of the tremendous value you offer as a trusted partner or provider.

Strategy 2: Escalate Your Social Media Efforts

Social media offers yet another natural resource for digital thought leadership, especially now that so many individuals spend so much time at home in front of their computers. A steady stream of blog articles, videos, and other social media posts over carefully targeted channels can help you stay in front of your audience.

Keep in mind that informative social media posts often end up on people’s screens as the result of searches for specific problems and solutions. Think about how COVID-19 may have promoted new questions and concerns, and respond with posts that educate, reassure, and reinforce your authenticity as a problem solver.

Strategy 3: Enhance Your Digital Storefront

Countless businesses have seen a woeful reduction in foot traffic as social distancing and shutdown rules have gone into effect. As a survival tactic, many of them have shifted their emphasis to online promotion and sales, ensuring that their audience can continue to buy from them as easily as possible.

If you never paid much attention to your company’s website, start now. A professional assessment can reveal limitations and weaknesses likely to hurt you during the shutdown period, from static web design or non-intuitive navigation to weak content that fails to guide your prospects through your digital sales funnel.

Once you have refurbished your website to better suit your online audience, you should find that these improvements continue to yield benefits long after you reopen your brick-and-mortar locations. As these reopenings occur, use your website to post any necessary updates that apply to your business services.

Strategy 4: Keep in Touch With Customers

Active contact with your customers or clients matters just as much as the production of passive or inbound marketing content on your website and social media channels. You can achieve and maintain this contact through the tried-and-true medium of email.

Create a drip-email campaign that sends out helpful mini-articles, statements, updates, and special offers automatically. You can program specific messages triggered by actions such as the placement of an order or the abandonment of a shopping cart. A typical drip email campaign consists of 4 to 11 touches (or emails per consumer).

If you want to harness these digital marketing strategies as effectively as possible for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic (and beyond), ROI Advisory Solutions has the knowledge and skills to make it happen. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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