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3 Smart Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Content

If you manage your business’s marketing efforts, you may understand why over 600 million blogs worldwide currently post content to the Internet. Today’s businesses prioritize video, e-book, and blog production as top content marketing priorities, and many Internet users consume both blog content and other social media.

Strategically recycled blog content can appeal to the overlapping audience for these various forms of content marketing while also giving you the most bang for your blogging buck. Check out the following three ways you can repurpose your blog content to feed the ongoing needs of your other content marketing channels.

1. Turn Blog Posts Into YouTube Videos

A compelling blog article can prove equally compelling as the backbone for a YouTube video. This strategy helps ensure that your buyers encounter this content in whichever medium they typically prefer to use. It also helps you feed your YouTube channel with a steady stream of powerful, relevant content.

If you start with a shorter blog article, you might actually find that you can use the text verbatim as voiceover narration. Even so, you’ll still need to create a separate storyboard or other instructions for timing the visual images to this text. You may also pull key points from a longer blog, compressing the content for your script.

Don’t forget to include the text of your script as metadata in the YouTube description block. Google will pay attention to this metadata, not the video content itself, in ranking the video among search results. The written text can also prove useful for hearing-impaired audiences.

2. Compile Multiple Blog Posts Into an E-Book

Composing blog articles as multi-part series addressing larger topics offers many advantages. In addition to keeping your enthralled audience returning to your blog for the next installment, this approach can furnish you with the raw elements for an e-book manuscript, giving you two separate marketing products for your efforts.

You may create the blog articles with this goal in mind all along, or you can string them together after the fact. Either way, you may need to make only minor alterations to the article text to make it read well as e-book chapters. You may also take the opportunity to expound upon (or update) your original content.

You don’t have to build your e-book on a blog series. You can also cherry-pick various posts that relate to a particular subject, keyword selection, or target audience. If you have a reputation as a thought leader, even a compilation of unrelated but popular articles may make a big splash as a lead magnet for a marketing campaign.

3. Use Blog Topics as Springboards for Podcasts

Podcasts have blossomed into a big business over the last several years. Currently, 55 percent of the U.S. population has listened to at least one podcast, with 37 percent listening on a monthly basis and 24 percent tuning in every week. You can grab a piece of the action by employing old blog posts as podcast scripts.

Many people naturally prefer to receive marketing content in audio format. This audience stays with the content to the end more consistently than readers, who often skim passages and skip through larger chunks of text. Audio also gives previously neglected blog articles a second chance to shine.

The production of a blog-based podcast shouldn’t pose any serious technical challenges, especially if you enlist professional assistance. If you don’t feel like recording the text yourself (or paying someone else to perform it), you can use software that automatically turns the text into speech, with multiple voices to choose from.

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