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4 Ways to Plan for a Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategy

The majority of 2020 has focused on getting through the COVID-19 pandemic, and businesses have gone through many changes during this time. In the coming years when the pandemic hopefully fades away, businesses need to work on new strategies to thrive and build up success as society begins to open up more.

By planning a strategy and being prepared for everything to come, your company can adjust and adapt to post-pandemic changes with no speed bumps on the road. Learn about four ways to help your business and set up a plan for success no matter when the pandemic begins to fade away.

1. Event Marketing

One of the biggest changes following the pandemic is access to live events and exhibitions. Before you dive back into the world of live events, you need to strategize and plan out the most effective marketing techniques. Events will not all come at once, and the slow growth should be measured through possible crowd sizes and ways to get your business the most exposure.

As event schedules get posted, you need to consider the location of the event, the actual amount of tickets sold, and the impact the event can have on your business in the long run. A marketing company can help evaluate the numbers and select the best time to get fully involved with conferences, trade shows, and other mass events.

You may also act as a sponsor for events you are not a part of. For example, as sporting events expand their crowd size, you can purchase sponsorship for scoreboards, signs, or printed materials at the event. The timing could be ideal as fans have a lot of intrigue and interest in returning to live games.

2. Company Branding

During the pandemic, many companies had to change their branding and messaging to support Americans during the pandemic. Once the pandemic ends, you can take a new approach to the company branding and discover ways to rebrand for the future. Causes that you decided to support during the pandemic could remain on the forefront of your business strategy.

You may have found connections with other businesses who have the same visions and goals. A rebranding may focus on the future and using your services for the greater good. The pandemic is like a reset button for many businesses, and you do not need to feel forced to return to old habits once the pandemic fades away.

Visually, the branding changes could include a fresh new logo, new business logos, and a complete overhaul of your company website. Plan ahead to be ready for a launch, and help your business stand out when the time is right.

3. Advanced Video Integration

The pandemic has led to major changes and increases in viewing habits of people who had to stay home more often. News channels have seen increased ratings, along with daytime talk shows. Traditional television advertising provides an ideal location to feature advertising, including professional video productions.

With some advanced video integration, you can reach audiences on other platforms as well. For example, you can sponsor free content on streaming services and have your commercials run during the content. Without a fast-forward with the on-demand content, you can ensure your commercials are seen by more viewing audiences.

4. Social Media Influencers

Once the country opens up more and the pandemic settles down, many people will follow the lead of social media influencers who tap directly into their audience and provide viewers with daily posts and content. Many of the influencers will rely on paid and sponsored posts to make money, and you can utilize their reach to help promote your company.

The marketing strategy will work organically, building fans and followers just from basic posts. The posts may include photo shoots, short video ads, or a video blog where the influencer talks about your product or services. Plan ahead to work on the best marketing strategies to help your business thrive.

For more information on marketing services and strategies, contact us at ROI Advisory Solutions. We can help build and implement a roadmap for your company’s success for now and years into the future.

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