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5 Ways to Integrate Advertising With Podcasts

One of the growing forms of advertising in the digital world is podcasts. Podcasts offer informative, funny, and niche content where listeners stay focused on the audio, and ads are aimed directly at the listener for each episode.

As you plan your marketing strategy, learn the various ways to integrate with podcasts and showcase your product through the long-form media.

1. Exclusive Promo Codes

Podcasts offer the chance to really track your advertising and see which marketing strategies are the most effective for drawing new customers in. The best way to do this is through exclusive promo codes focused on your podcast. Promo codes could include free shipping for products or a percentage of the purchase price.

Once you select the promo, you would use a specific code related to the podcast you advertise on. For example, you could use the name of the podcast as the code. This way, if you advertise on multiple podcasts, you will track which ones worked the best with listeners.

The success is not just based on the number of times the promo code was used but on the audience size as well. Data analysis could show the percentage of listeners who used the promo code as opposed to just the total number of listeners. With the data, you can tweak promotions and try to gain more listeners over time.

2. Segment Sponsors

To help get some brand recognition, consider becoming a segment sponsor for the show. Many podcasts split topics up into different segments. For example, your business name could become a part of the news segment. In interview-based podcasts, you could use your business on a “Speed Round” of questions.

Use marketing solutions to work with the podcast and seamlessly add your business into a fun intro jingle or the name of the segment. Creative integration will naturally create brand awareness for your company and become a natural part of the show for listeners.

3. Video Promotions

Some podcasts also showcase their episodes in video form. If this is the case, then there are multiple ways to integrate your business into the video. Simple product integration may include guests and hosts using mugs or cups with your logo on them. The podcast host could wear a t-shirt with your business design.

Digitally, your business ad and promo codes could run on the lower third of the screen while the podcast plays. The podcast could also cut to video ads of your business and provide a more direct ad to consumers. When a podcast expands to video, you have a lot of options to choose from and really expand your presence.

4. Promoted Posts

Aside from the episodes, many podcasts will have official social media accounts and followings online. You could use social media platforms to create promoted posts and reach even more audience members. For example, after a person hears your advertisement, they will see a follow-up ad on social media and gain access to direct links to the products and services.

The promoted posts could also showcase the podcast hosts using your product. If you run a pizza business, the post could feature the hosts eating and enjoying the pizza. There are numerous ways to feature the product, including just some branding alone.

The promoted posts go a long way in reaching new consumers and offer alternative advertising options. As the posts get shared and spread around social media, your business exposure will only increase. Brainstorm different ways to use social media and create memorable ads that will naturally draw up more business.

For more information on podcast advertisements, seek our guidance at ROI Advisory Solutions. We will help your business grow through the podcasting community and find the perfect fit for your advertising needs.

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